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Samples and templates that will be helpful to your service unit.

Welcome email from SU HR Coordinator to New Troop Leader

New leaders are essential to your service unit. They increase capacity, bring new perspectives and ideas, and re-energize your existing leaders. Use the template below to introduce yourself and your service unit to the new leader.

Download the email template.

Welcome email from Level Consultant to New Troop Leader

Level consultant are essential in making the connection with new leaders. Use the template below to introduce yourself and your service unit to the new leader.

Download the email template.

Phone Call Scripts to get leaders to SU Meetings

A phone call is seen as more personal to the receiver. Calling on someone that you do not know can be intimidating, use the script below to invite leaders to the service unit meetings.

Download the phone script template.

Service Unit Meeting Agenda

It is the responsibility of the Service Unit Manager to make sure that the service unit meeting runs smoothly and that the volunteers in the area receive all necessary information and resources (as communicated by council staff or as requested by service unit members). Below is a suggested meeting agenda and schedule.

Download the suggested service unit meeting agenda template.

Creating A Troop Agreement – Troops & Parents

Having a troop agreement is an excellent way to prevent conflict and create a happy, safe, and healthy environment – both with girls and parents. Girls should be held accountable and responsible for their own actions. Girls will develop their. own "rules of engagement" through development of a Troop Agreement. Here is a sample that you can use and change as needed.

Download the troop agreement template.


Troop Travel Contract

Girl Scouts love to travel—from the field trips they take as Brownies to the global adventures they go on as teens. In planning for your troop travel you will need to make consideration for the financial aspect of the trip. The sample below will help you to write a troop travel contract regarding payment plan.

Download the troop travel contract template.


Learn more about our Social Media Guidelines.

Girl Scouts of Orange County Social Media Guidelines


Lockups and Acronym Marks:

A brand is only as strong as the symbols that represent it. To establish a unified Girl Scouts voice, we’ll now use an optimized and streamlined set of marks developed by GSUSA. Please reference this Guide for Usage of Girl Scout Marks when using these logos. These logos are primarily intended for flyers and internal service unit communications. If you have need to incorporate these on merchandise (patches, shirts, ect.) or external facing collateral assets please reach out to us at for assistance in navigating GSUSA licensing requirements.

Web Lockups
GSOC Lockup Color (RGB .png)
GSOC Lockup White (RGB .png)
GSOC Lockup Black (RGB .png)

Print Lockups
GSOC Lockup Color (CMYK .png)
GSOC Lockup Color (CMYK .jpg)

GSOC Acronyms
GSOC Acronym (RGB Vertical .png)
GSOC Acronym (RGB Horizontal .png)

Event and Activity Flyer Templates:

Linked below are several Girl Scout Branded Word Templates available for service unit or troop use. Please ensure these templates are primarily used for events or activities with an audience that is primarily Girl Scout Members and their families. For consistency and up to date brand messaging please continue to work with the Membership Team for externally facing recruitment collateral. Email GSOC MarCom at if for program pillar-based or other uniquely branded templates.

GSOC Branded Flyers
GSOC Branded Flyer Template 1 (Word .doc)
GSOC Branded Flyer Template 2 (Word .doc)
GSOC Branded Flyer Template 3 (Word .doc)

Brand Story:

A brand story outlines exactly what an organization does, for whom, and what makes it stand out. Because Girl Scouts themselves (and not the organization) are, and always should be, at the center of everything we do, the statement that follows speaks directly to them. 

And much like our brand purpose to champion girl ambition, the statement isn’t meant to be used verbatim but as top-of-mind inspiration when you write and communicate about Girl Scouts. Revisit it frequently to remind yourself who we serve, how we serve them, and why.  

Please reference our Writing Tips for Service Unit Volunteers for some quick pointers and refreshers to guide you in writing about Girl Scouts.