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Recruitment Resources

In response to the current COVID-19 situation, Girl Scouts of Orange County has made adjustments to the GS Champion requirements to better accommodate Service Unit Teams during this time. Please contact your Recruitment Specialist for details.

Girl Scouts founder, Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low, believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our alumnae were recruited or invited to join by a friend, by a neighbor, or through a poster or flyer at their school. 

Use the resources on this page to help you recruit future Girl Scouts.


View our Seasonal Recruitment Resources in the drop downs below to access materials by campaign.

School is one of the main places families hear about Girl Scouts. Often, families and caregivers expect to see us and sign-up for Girl Scouts at school during their Back to School Night (BTSN). 

2020 Girl Scout Champion runs from July 15, 2019 - July 15, 2020. This year, it will be year-round and mostly driven by SU and volunteers

  • “Last year, our Girl Scout Champions helped reach three times more schools, families, and girls! That means three times more girls growing her confidence, discovering her passions, and changing the world for the better. We know that there are still girls who we aren’t reaching. This year, we are asking our volunteers to be a Girl Scout Champion again so we can invite EVERY girl to be a Girl Scout.”
  • Volunteer-driven initiative so volunteers can use their knowledge of schools, community and SU to make the most impact and reach the most new families.

How to Earn Points/ Participate

  • Get involved drop downs update to Fall, Winter, Spring, and Year-round with the specific tasks needed in each season and number of points earned.
  • SU will have to work together with Recruitment Specialist to achieve their goals
  • SU and individual incentives
Season Task      Points    
   Year round                School Liaison Challenge- School Liaisons network with their school community to start a new Daisy troop 2 points per troop
Year round  Host a table at a community event- show your community what Girl Scouts is all about (one event max.) 5 points
Year round  Achieve SU’s New Girl Goal- ask your Membership Coordinator or Recruitment Specialist what the SU is working towards                                           20 points
Fall Support Back to School Night Coverage- cover the necessary schools in your SU  
       All Tier 1 Schools (required) 15 points
       All Tier 2 Schools (required) 10 points
       All Tier 3 Schools (optional) 5 points
Fall Follow up with interested families from your BTSN sign-in sheet and invite them to your SU’s upcoming Girl Scout Launch Party (all or nothing; follow-up with all sign-in sheets in your SU) 5 points
Fall Help host your SU’s Girl Scout Launch Party- you and your girls can show new families what Girl Scouts do. Contact your Recruitment Specialist/ Membership Coordinator for more details. 10 points
Winter Coordinate Girl Scout presence at Kinder Round-ups 10 points
Winter Collaborate with Recruitment Specialist and Membership Coordinator to plan 2nd round of recruitments, if needed  5 points
Spring Collaborate with Recruitment Specialist and Membership Coordinator to plan Daisy Launch and Extended Year events  10 points


FALL (July-October) BTSN & Recruitment Events

BTSN Steps (30 possible points)

  1. Talk with SU Team and Membership Coordinator to help cover necessary schools for Back to School Night and ask school for permission
  2. Volunteers sign up online via BTSN spreadsheet and then review training videos
  3. Once signed up, SU member/ BTSN Coordinator makes sure volunteer gets resource bag
  4. BTSN Coordinator is volunteer who has all the resource bags and is in charge of getting them out to everyone covering a BTSN
  5. After BTSN, volunteer turns in interest sheet within 24 hours (legible scan to or the physical copy to the RS) and then will receive a $5 gift card

*Volunteers able to switch out BTSN with Registration Day, Meet the Teacher Night, Fall Festival, etc.*

Girl Scout Launch Party Steps (10 possible points)

Talk with Membership Coordinator and Recruitment Specialist to help host SU’s Girl Scout Launch Party where new families looking to join can experience what Girl Scouts is all about and join a troop!


Families typically sign their children up for events and programs in the fall, when the new school year begins, so it's important to regularly advertise and promote Girl Scouts August - November. 

To ensure you have a successful fall recruitment, network with your schools. 

  • Introduce yourself to the Principal, Office Manager, and PTA/PTO President as a Girl Scout volunteer who can help assist parents in getting involved with Girl Scouts. 
  • Ask what the school will allow in terms of advertising (banners, paper flyers, stickering, tabling at dismissal).
  • Keep an eye out for recruitment opportunities (like book fairs, family movie nights, open houses or back to school nights) where you can have a Girl Scout presence.


  • Schedule a meeting with your principal to talk about Girl Scouting.
  • Talk with your PTA/PTO about coming to a meeting and speaking about the benefits of the Girl Scout program.
  • Talk with teachers or school counselors about Girl Scouts and its benefits.
  • Give back! See if the troops at the school can come together and do a service project like plant a garden, repaint tables or perform flag ceremonies.
  • Show some Girl Scout pride! Have the girls wear their vests and Girl Scout gear to school one day.

And of course, hold recruitment events (which we call Girl Scout Launch Parties) to form new troops! 

Click here to view Discover Girl Scouts Info Night materials.

WINTER (November- February) Kinder Round-ups & Recruitments

Kinder Round-Up Steps (10 possible points)

Collaborate with Recruitment Specialist and SU recruitment volunteers have Girl Scout presence at school Kinder Round-Up.

Another great opportunity to recruit new girl members is during the winter, when families have settled in to the school year and are looking for new activities and programs for their girls, especially at the Daisy level.

Click the below links for the Join Daisies flyers. 



During January and February, you can hold additional recruitment events, attend community events, and distribute flyers to your school(s) and around your community.

SPRING (March-June) Extended Year events and Pre-K & K-4

Collaborate with Recruitment Specialist and SU recruitment volunteers to come up with a plan, advertise and carry it out. 

Each spring, eager families sign their children up to begin kindergarten in the fall. Elementary schools hold registration events for parents and caregivers to register their child and get acquainted with the school. We call these events Kinder Roundups—and they’re a great opportunity to introduce families to Girl Scouts.

Approaching kindergarten is an exciting time for families, but it can also be quite stressful.

We have expert tips and activities for families to help them prepare their girl for kindergarten! 

Distribute the below fliers at Kinder Roundup events, preschools, and daycares so parents can get our tips sent straight to their email.



2nd Round of Recruitment Steps (5 possible points)

Collaborate with Recruitment Specialist and SU recruitment volunteers to come up with a plan, advertise and carry it out.    

Year-round Opportunities
  1. Table at community event and order supplies from Council (one max)
  2. School Liaison Challenge
  3. School Liaisons network with school community and leverage school knowledge to form a new Daisy troop at their school
  4. Achieve SU New Girl Goal 



You'll need materials (flyers, posters, stickers) to help you advertise and recruit. We have it all for you--and you can order it online! 

Please order your materials by filling out our online order form. Select the "ORDER GSOC MATERIALS ONLINE" button below to get started. Remember to select the submit button once you're done.




Additional Recruitment Resources and Support

Get Tips and Tricks from the Girl Scout Blog!

Go here to download the following recruitment resources from our Forms & Docs page: 

  • Advertising Tip Sheet
  • Public Speaking Tip Sheet 
  • Discover Girl Scouts Info Night Tip Sheet (the Sander Approach) 
  • How to add a Girl Scout Picture Frame to Your Facebook Profile Picture 

Join the community, for more recruitment resources, join our Recruitment Volunteer Facebook Group!

Recruitment Specialist Contact Info

Contact the Recruitment Specialist in your area for additional support.
Call, email, or text. 

Brooke Fuller
Cell: 949-576-8723
Cities serving: Irvine, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Foothill Ranch, Portola Hills, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, and San Juan Capistrano

Leila Ruddy
Cell: 949-309-0182
Cities Serving: Tustin, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach,  Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, and Dana Point

Katie Morad
Cell: 949-309-1847
Cities serving: Los Alamitos, Buena Park, Cypress, La Palma, Yorba Linda, Placentia, Orange, Villa Park, Brea, and Anaheim

Corina Bonamassa
Cell: 949-309-0514
Cities Serving: Fullerton, La Habra, Seal Beach, Garden Grove, Westminster, Stanton, Midway City, Huntington Beach​, and Fountain Valley