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GSOC Council's Own Badges and Patches

Council's Own Patches and Badges

Each Council within Girl Scouts of the USA has the opportunity to create council-specific patches & badges that relate to unique qualities of their council. Check out Girl Scouts of Orange County's Council’s Own Patches & Badges below and get a start on earning yours today.

Council’s Own Patches

Our council has several unique patch programs created just for our girls! In addition, we partner with local organizations to offer fun patch programs, some of which can be done from home. In addition, many organizations throughout the country offer patch programs for Girl Scouts. A quick search online may return patch programs that interest your girl!

GSOC Allies for All Patch

Allies for All Patch Program

We are excited to kick off our new "Allies for All" patch program, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) themed program for girls of all ages. This patch program will help Girl Scouts appreciate differences in others and treat people fairly and with empathy. Girls will gain tools to enable them to be an ally to others.

GSOC Year of Service Monthly Community Service Opportunities

GSOC Year of Service Monthly Community Service Opportunities
GSOC Year of Service monthly community service opportunities are designed for you & your family to make the world a better place, from your home to your community, because community service is what Girl Scouts do. No matter what.

Search "Year of Service" to find current monthly events.
Search "GSOC Year of Service" to find current monthly flyers for events.

GSOC Quake Safe Patch

Quake Safe Patch Program
Level: Girl Scout Daisies to Ambassadors (in grades K-12)

Earn this patch when they complete the activities for their level to learn how to prepare to protect themselves and their families when an earthquake happens.
Patch Program Requirements

GSOC Healthy Relationships Patch

Healthy Relationships: At every stage, from Daisy to Ambassador, Girl Scouts form stronger connections with family, friends, and their communities. Younger Girl Scouts (grades K–5) make new friends as they strive to be considerate, caring, and kind. In middle school, girls learn how to cope with bullying and relational aggression. And as a Senior or Ambassador, she’ll hone her people skills with her peers and her community, as she makes the world a better place.

Healthy Relationships Patch Program

Keep the Sea Plastic Free Patch Program

Keep the Sea Plastic Free Patch Program

To learn about the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans, including how plastics harm marine life and put dangerous chemicals in the water. To take action by making positive changes in your life to reduce and reuse plastic, and encouraging others to make positive changes.
Patch Program Requirements

GSOC Global Girl Scout Patch Program

GSOC Global Girl Scout Patch Program

Developed by GSOC Globa Action Team volunteers. This patch program introduces Girl Scouts of all ages to what it means to be a part of a global sisterhood and a worldwide movement. GSOC Global Girl Scout Patch Program.

Complete the activities in the pamphlet by level:

Patches available for purchase at

GSOC S’more Volunteer Appreciation Patch Program

GSOC S’more Volunteer Appreciation Patch Program

Earn this fun patch as you discover, connect, and take action to show your volunteers how much you appreciate all they do!

GSOC Inchworm of Service Patch

GSOC Inchworm of Service Patch Program

A patch program for girls of all age levels. The GSOC Inchworm of Service is a tool for encouraging girls to help others when help is needed and to provide service throughout their Girl Scouting experience. How to Earn a Patch.

Buy your  GSOC Inchworm of Service Patch on our Shop.

Council’s Own Badges

Cadette My STEM Life Badge

Girl Scouts of Orange County Cadette My STEM Life Badge

Do you love music? Hanging out at the beach? Playing sports? No matter what you’re interested in, chances are – it’s full of STEM! From the apps on your smartphone to the ingredients in your favorite recipe, science, technology, engineering and math are all around us. Get ready to explore the exciting world of STEM in Orange County! You’ll find out how STEM fits into your everyday life and your future, and how Orange County is leading the way. More information and getting started.

Junior STEMsational ME Badge

Girl Scouts of Orange County Junior STEMsational ME Badge

Be yourself as you play along the ocean’s edge; be unique as you use your imagination to create something amazing; and be a leader as you share your ideas about what is important to you. Find out how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are part of everything you do and how each makes you- YOU! Earning this badge will help you see how the S, T, E, and M work together as you catch a wave on a surfboard, reinvent an article of clothing, make a yummy frozen treat, pitch your business idea, and much more! For more information and to get started.

Fall Recruitment 2022
Fall Recruitment 2022