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There is power in every girl

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We can’t wait to meet you and share how Girl Scouts can brighten your girl’s world. Join us for an exciting event and get a taste of all the fun she’ll have as a member.

Your new friends can't wait to meet you.

Right now, Girl Scouts are meeting furry friends at their local animal shelters, giggling past lights-out at sleepovers, and learning how their favorite roller coasters work.

Above all else, they’re having a blast—because they know bringing the fun is all about being their true selves, trying new things, and cheering each other on.

Get ready to join the crew and bring a bit more happy to your life.

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When your girl becomes a Girl Scout, she’ll:

  • Join a group of local girls—called a troop—for regularly scheduled meetings (either virtual or in person)
  • Make new friends in a space where she feels comfortable to just be herself
  • Have a community of caring adult volunteers to guide her as she tries new things
  • Practice new skills and earn Girl Scout badges and awards
  • Make the world a better place by helping her community
  • Try coding, robotics, engineering and more through hands-on STEM activities
  • Enjoy the great outdoors while learning how to protect animals and the environment
  • Build business smarts through the Girl Scout Cookie Program
What can parents expect?

Girl Scout meetings. The frequency of troop meetings is set by the Troop Leader, however, typically a troop will meet on a bi-weekly (every two weeks) basis, or once a month. Make sure she arrives and is picked up on time for all group activities.

Parent participation. When you volunteer or participate in Girl Scout activities with your girl, you’re helping her find awesome activities and amazing new experiences, make new friends and become more confident, and discover new skills and explore new interests in a safe, nurturing environment.

Your involvement and support will help shape your girl's experience. She will see your commitment to her growth, and before you know it, you'll be growing too. 

What is the cost to join?

The annual cost to join Girl Scouts of Orange County is $35 for a girl member and $25 for an adult member.

The cost includes:

  • $25 membership dues, all of which goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA to support the movement at the national level
  • $10 council service fee (for girl members only), stays with Girl Scouts of Orange County to support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) at the local level

**Note: Membership and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.**


Learn More About Girls Scouts

Not quite ready to join, but want to learn more about Girl Scouts?

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Become a Volunteer

Help Girl Scouts discover their place in the world.

Ever want to forget everybody else’s expectations and just…be you? When you volunteer with Girl Scouts, you’ll be creating a community where being your unfiltered, goofiest, most authentic self is the absolute best thing you can be.

Our local volunteers lead with their hearts and spark imaginations. They help Girl Scouts explore unique interests and unlock their potential.


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