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Background Check & Screening

Girl Scouts is a safe place for girls to learn, lead and grow. There are many reasons this is true, but one of the most important is that - together with Girl Scouts of the USA - we conduct criminal background checks on volunteers and staff. Learn more below, or take a deeper dive with common questions about our secure background check vendor and the background check process for volunteers.

Who needs to submit a background check?

All Girl Scout members who plan to volunteer in the following capacities must successfully complete the background screening process:

  • Any person who will supervise girls
  • Any volunteer with financial responsibility
  • All service unit team members

Are there any exceptions? Yes, if the person meets all of the requirements of either of these situations:

  • A onetime speaker or presenter who is never left alone with girls and is not counted when considering girl/adult ratio
  • A parent or guardian who attends a family function (court of awards or family picnic) and is not counted when considering girl/adult ratio
How do I submit a background check?

New members who plan to volunteer will be directed to submit a background check during their online registration process.

Current members who are new to a volunteer role will need to first choose your role in the GSOC Opportunity Catalog.  To choose your volunteer role, please do the following:

1.     Log in to your Member Community Profile by clicking on MyGS in the navigation bar at the top of this page (located on the top right side above, or if on a mobile device click on the three horizontal bars and scroll down to click on "MyGS".

2.     Once logged in, select Add Role button.

3.     Type in your Troop number. Use the format TroopXXXXX. The troop number should be 5 digits with leading zeros. Example: Troop00002

    Note: You may need to change the radius under zip code.  It defaults to 0 miles from your zip code.

4.     Select the correct Volunteer role in your troop in the Search Results. When you select the role it will populate the area-Your selection for… And hit NEXT

5.     Update the contact information if necessary.

6.     If the role you have selected requires a background check, and you do not currently have an active screening result on file, you will receive instructions on your next step in completing the screening process.  If you currently have an active screening on file, you will not need to complete another. 


What can I expect after I submit a background check?

On average, most background checks submitted online take approximately 24 hours to complete; however, it can take longer depending on many factors outside of GSOC’s control. We are not able to respond to requests for “rush” background checks. Please plan ahead, especially during peak times such as Back-to-School and before Girl Scout Product Sales.

If your background check is clear, you will receive a confirmation email from GSUSA. A specially trained GSOC staff member will contact you if there are concerns about the results of your background check.

DO NOT continue with your application and screening if any of the circumstances listed below apply to you.

The following will automatically disqualify you from becoming a Girl Scout Volunteer:

  • Any felony offense, regardless of type
  • Currently arrested or warrant outstanding
  • Misdemeanor crime against a child or dependent adult
  • Misdemeanor crime involving use of weapons
  • Misdemeanor crime involving violence
  • Misdemeanor crime involving theft, robbery, fraud or forgery
  • Misdemeanor crime involving arson
  • Misdemeanor crime involving public indecency
  • Misdemeanor crime involving DUI, DWI, possession of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia

Possible Disqualifications:

  • Other misdemeanors, as this council may determine, including but not limited to traffic violations shall be reviewed by the council on a case-by-case basis.  The decision whether to allow service shall be within the absolute discretion of the council.

You must complete a GSOC background check every three years. If you have questions about when to submit or renew your background check, or for additional information, please review the Background Check Info document or send us an email to