2015 Delegate Information

Congratulations on being elected a Council Delegate! As a delegate, you represent your community in important GSOC discussions and decisions. This position is one of prestige and responsibility. The duties of your job are presented to you in parts:

View the welcome letter from Nancy Nygren, CEO and Becky Bailey-Findley, Board Chair

Business Expo Center Map & Directions

Links for Annual Meeting:

48th Annual Meeting Agenda

2015 Slates

Standing Rules - Standing Rules are provided for any large meeting of a membership in order to expedite business.

Annual Meeting Registration - Please use your unique eBiz username and password to register. There is no fee for this meeting.

Map & Directions - Business Expo Center, Anaheim

Annual Meeting attendance forms (3 copies) -To expedite the check-in process, please bring this completed form to the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Event Evaluation - Your chance to give your review of this year's Annual Meeting!

Helpful Links:

Council Delegate Position Description  Please sign and return to your Service Unit Manager

Council Delegate Training  Please view the Delegate overview video.  Required for new Delegates and Alternates.

Delegate/Alternate Confirmation Form  Once your election is complete, or if you have a change in your elected delegates, please submit elected delegate and alternate names online.



Connie Rodriguez, Executive Administrator