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2016 Delegate Information

Congratulations on being elected a Council Delegate! Delegates are elected as part of the governance process to represent the service unit (a local geographic subdivision of the council).  Delegates have an interest in policy, bylaws and influencing the decisions and activities of the council.  As a delegate, you represent your community in important GSOC discussions and decisions.

Once you have been elected, you will choose your Delegate role by logging in to your Member Community from our main website, clicking on the yellow MyGS in the top navigation bar (or clicking on the three bars next to the search symbol in the top green bar on your mobile device, then clicking MyGS)

After logging in, under the Home tab, click the Volunteer Role button

Type your service unit number and the title of the volunteer position you are selecting in the search bar.  For example:  SUXXX Delegate to the Council, and then select the corresponding zip code and 20 for radius, and click the Search button.

In the Search Results area, select the check box to indicate the desired role for your service unit, click the Next button.

Select the membership year (you won’t be charged for another membership).

Update the Contact information, if necessary. Select the Girl Scouts Promise and Law check box, click Submit.

Once you have selected your role, you will receive additional information on your next steps.

Links for Annual Meeting:


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Connie Rodriguez, Executive Administrator