Donor Appreciation

With the support and generosity of our donors and corporate partners, we can continue our mission to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.  Girl Scouts of Orange County creates the best leadership development experiences for all girls in Orange County.  Girl Scouting inspires girls to dream big.  The skills they learn today will make it possible for them to accomplish their dreams, and become the women leaders of tomorrow.  

Special Thanks to our 2012 donors.


  • Trefoil Society

    Albrecht & Barney Law Corporation
    Marilyn Alexander
    Allergan Foundation
    Alliant Group
    American Airlines
    Sally Anderson and Tom Rogers
    Angels Baseball
    Applied Medical Resources Corporation
    Bandai Foundation
    Bank of America
    Bank of America Foundation
    Sharon Z. Barry
    Colleen Belt
    Laura Benz
    Jeff and Susan Berkel
    Bertea Foundation
    Kathy Bronstein, KB Bronstein Merchandising & Management Consulting
    Brookes Family
    Ellen and Gary Burton
    Lee Ann and Chris Canaday
    Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
    Capital Group Companies, Inc.
    CarMax Foundation
    Cartoon Network
    Chapman University
    Sonia Chevallier
    Christ Our Redeemer AME Church
    City National Bank
    Gayle A and James Creasman
    Wanda Delgado
    Charlotte Finklea and Michael Dunn
    Edwards LifeScience Fund
    Employees Community Fund of Boeing California
    Entertainment Industry Foundation
    Doris and Michael Farinacci
    Becky and Gary Bailey-Findley, The Findley Group
    Fluor Corporation
    Fluor Foundation
    Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP
    Max & Artyn Gardner
    Laurel Geise
    Girl Scouts of the USA
    Go Ventures, Inc.
    Cynthia Graff
    Laurie P. Graves
    Veronica Gray/Nossaman LLP
    Caroline Harkins
    Charlotte T. Hatfield Trust
    Linda Hill
    Lisa Hinshaw
    Sheriff Sandra Hutchens
    Hylant Group
    Irvine Company
    Michele Johnson
    Will Johnson
    Michelle Jordan/Jordan Communications, LLC.
    Allan Justus and Linda Lyons-Justus
    Kaiser Permanente Orange County
    Kawasaki Motors Corp. U.S.A.
    Irene and Hiro Kinoshita
    Stacie Kitts/Katherman Kitts & CO. LLP
    Suzanne Kusik
    Lesley, Thomas, Schwarz & Postma, Inc.
    Los Angeles Times Family Fund
    Gina and Clif Magee
    Cheryl Maliwanag
    Elizabeta E. Meyer
    Henry and Janet Miedema
    Theresa C. Morrison
    Kimberly Neuhauser
    Nancy and Scott Nygren
    Nella Webster O’Grady and Kevin O'Grady
    O. L. Halsell Foundation
    Kathleen O'Neill and Robert Wong
    Orange County Register
    Orange County United Way
    Anoosheh and Alan Oskouian
    Owl Foundation
    Parker Hannifin Foundation
    Sue Parks/WalkStyles
    Elizabeth and Peter Popoff
    Betty Mower Potalivo/Northern Trust Bank
    RBF Consulting
    Barbara and Bill Roberts
    Bruce and Debbie Robinson
    Tom Rogers
    Christine A. Scheuneman/Pillsbury
    Victoria Shepp
    Christine Shingleton
    S.L. Gimbel Foundation
    Julie Sokol
    Pat Soldano/GenSpring Family Offices
    Soroptimist International of Westminster
    Elizabeth and John Stahr
    Stern Family Foundation
    SunTrust Banks, Inc.
    University of California, Irvine
    Union Bank of California Foundation
    Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP
    Stacey and Paul Von Berg
    Warne Family Charitable Foundation
    Ethel J. Watts
    Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo Foundation
    Woods Family Foundation

  • Promise Partners

    Yvette M. Alexander
    Mickie Allen
    Sam and Susan Anderson
    Russ and Jo Ann Behrens
    Elizabeth Bernay
    Cyd Brandvein
    Margaret and John Brynjolfsson
    Aisha Cabrer
    Karin L. Carlson
    Liz Chaney
    Chapman University
    Ann Crane
    Nancy and Victor Dahan
    Vicki Dallas
    Lesley O. Finch
    Cindy and Tony Gleason
    Terry Goldfarb-Lee
    Michelle D. Griffin
    Autumn Heep
    Said Hilal and Linda M. Lamb
    Nell and Ted Hinshaw
    Suzanne and Jeff Esber
    Bruce and Gail Ives
    Jordan LLC
    Jeanette Justus
    Craig Lacross
    The Lazy Dog Cafe
    Russ and Susie Leatherby
    Kris Maher
    Robyn Manzini
    Lauri McIntosh
    Daniel J Merkle and Linda S Grady Rev. Trust
    Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
    John Miller
    Julie Miller-Phipps and Michael Phipps
    Betty and Etzuko Mizoguchi
    Paul and Barbara Mueller
    Tom and Jean Olivas
    April Pearson
    Marica Pendjer
    Sloane Petrillo-Bobrownicki and Peter Bobrownicki
    Laura Prescott
    Connie and Ernie Rodriguez
    Dr. Judy B. Rosener
    Rohthem Presbyterian Church
    Kimberly Roush
    Christina Salcido
    Sherri L. Sales
    Homer Savage
    Linda Sherman
    Sudi Shoja
    Donald and Betsy Tarbell
    Diana and Douglas Tennant
    Mary and Peter Tennyson
    The Torres Family
    Troop 1439
    Julie Ann Ulcickas
    Sarah and Heidi Wagner-Thomas
    LaDonna and Guy Wayne
    Marcy Weinstein

  • Donors

    Lisa and Brian Acacio
    Carrie Afuso
    Sarah Agee
    JoAnn Albers
    Marilyn Alexander
    Lissa Alfred
    Aliso Niguel Service Unit 1
    Margit and John Allen
    Ginger and Tony Allen
    Glen and Anna Arrieta
    Carol Sue Beishline
    Terry Belmont
    Elizabeth Bernay
    Jennifer A. Berry
    Beth Bidna
    Carol L. Bishop
    Robert Blankman
    Karen and Joseph Bonnici
    BP Fabric of America Fund
    BPM Capital, LLC
    Anita Braun
    Kathy Bronstein
    Lisa Bukaty
    Julie Burch
    Jennifer Burnett
    Sally Buschek
    Mary Byrne
    Teresa Cain
    Cambiar Investors LLC
    Barbara Cameron-Massrey and Kenneth Massrey
    Carrie Cantor
    Kate Carvelli
    Katherine A. Castillo
    Christine Cavecche
    John and Kerry Cervenka
    Esther and Jin Cho
    Rebecca and Hyoun Choe
    Melinda and Robert Cole
    Christine Comp
    Jennifer Condas
    Victor Cota and Teresa Mercado Cota
    Laura Cox
    Gail F. Dafun
    Annamarie E. Debski
    Kathleen Daw
    Lois P. Daybell
    Annamarie E. Debski
    Holly Deutchman
    Sandra Disario
    Karen Dist
    Emma Donahue
    Mark Doran
    Nikki Dutra
    Barbara M. Eidson
    Tamara Fairbanks
    Marcela Ferguson
    Janet Fernandez
    Kathryn and David Fischer
    Susan E. Fisher
    Theresa Flood
    Kristi Force
    Fountain Valley Service Unit
    Elizabeth Frederick
    Fullerton Service Unit 2
    Max and Artyn Gardner
    James Gates
    Asha and Gregory Genske
    Alison and Christopher Giglio
    Girl Scouts Food Fair
    Joan Gladstone
    Ann and Tim Gooch
    Goodrich Foundation Partners in Giving
    Joanne Greenleaf
    Nicolle C. Gruwell
    Marguerite Gunn
    Deepa Gupta
    Constance Haggin
    Percy B. Haralson
    Katherine Harkness
    Cynthia Harriss
    Lucy M. and Chester Hartley
    Linda Hartney-Purdy & David W. Purdy
    Kathleen Heeney-Fouts
    Ruth Hemming
    Dr. John Heydt
    Julie Hill
    Karen Hill
    Gerry Hime
    Michele Himmelberg
    Nancy Hoffman
    Darla S. Holland, M.D.
    Susan and Ron Horn
    Mary and Gerald Hornbuckle
    Jackie and Sam Howard
    Steve and Jodi Howard
    Joyce and Wayne Huffmon
    Mark and Julia Hughes
    Human Options
    Huntington Beach Service Unit 1
    Huntington Beach Service Unit 4
    Judy Ishihara
    Erin Johnson
    Michele Johnson
    Lori A. Johnstone
    Dana K. Jones
    Michelle Jordan
    Donna L. Joustra
    Suzanne T. Kampa
    Janis Kanemaki
    Kappa Delta Alumnae of OC
    Jessica Karpel
    The Kawahara Family
    John and Inga Kenney
    Michelle M. Kinney
    Kimberly Kolacz
    Zoltan and Elma Kolozsvari
    Judy Koyama
    Linda Krippner
    Law Offices of Kermit D. Marsh
    Graham Lee
    Kristina Lee
    Kerry Liesveld
    Virginia Lopez
    Laura Lummer
    Heather D. Madrigal
    Sue Mamer
    Allison Masuda
    Elizabeth McClellan
    Shirley McCormack
    Marilyn W. McIntyre
    Thuy-Hang and Rajen Mehta
    Lorena Mell
    Janie J. Merkle
    Jillian Miller
    Stuart and Elizabeth Miller
    Becky Milton
    Donna Mincheff
    Lori Miskell
    Diane Mondini
    Robert Moore
    Griselda Morales
    Michael and Susan Moralis
    Juan and Maricela Moran
    Ken Potalivo and Betty Mower Potalivo
    Subba Mungi
    Andrea and Thomas Munoz
    Diane Myerson
    Christine Nakamura
    Brian and Marti Napier
    Marti A. Napier, CPA MBT
    Lisa Neal
    Rhonda Nelson
    Lisa Nevares
    Diep Nguyen
    Northrop Grumman
    Mrs. Peggy Ogden
    On-Camera Audiences, Inc.
    Orange County Forensics Inc.
    Lourdes Oropeza
    Celine Osborn
    Suzan Paek
    Elizabeth Parker
    Judi Partridge
    Nancy Patch
    Emilie and John Perkins
    Perrine Family Trust
    Edward Petrillo
    An H. Pham
    James R. Phillips
    Marlene Pillen
    Alexander Pineda
    Emmanuel Ponderoso
    Vicki and Alan Porter
    Isabelle Prescott
    Christopher and Lisa Price
    Shirley Quackenbush
    Mehrdad Rassekh
    Jane Reed
    Kathleen and Ronald Reid
    Michelle Reinglass
    Nancy Renzo
    Anne Ress-LeMay
    Alejandro Reyes
    Janet Riness
    Anne Riseling
    Ramon Rosas
    Barbara Ruegg
    Jessica Rutan
    Jessica Sakamoto
    Janet Schmelka
    Pamela Schmider
    Robert A. Scott
    Barbara Shangraw
    Chistine and Alan Shimizu
    Linda Shimokaji
    Sierra Nursery Sales
    Lauren and Bob Silvernail
    Julon Skaggs
    Cathy and Mike Sleva
    Margaret Slonkosky
    Oliva Slutzky
    Valerie Smalley
    Rodney S. Smith
    Norman Soderquist
    Thomas and Margarita Solazzo
    Ygal and Sheila Sonenshine
    Soroptimist International, Desert Coast Region
    Patricia Sowers
    Susan Strader
    SUM Pacificcare Health Systems
    Dianna L. Sundell
    Ronda Sussman
    Melissa Sweet
    Kathleen M. Teal
    Denise and Gary Terrazas
    Dawn and Tim Tess
    Paul and Mary Thompson
    Cathy and Lawrence Tochluk
    Travelers/Morgan Stanley
    Troop 418
    Troop 654
    Troop 881
    Troop 1389
    Troop 2165
    Sandra Trujillo
    Christine Turner
    United Parcel Service
    UnitedHealth Group
    UnitedHealthCare Services, Inc.
    Valerie Urena
    Amy Uyemura
    Emilia Valles
    VB Trust Account
    Jennifer Walker
    Ruthanne Walker
    Sheila Walsh
    Anna Wang
    Barbara Ward
    Dawn Wardlaw
    BJ Watanabe
    Bradley Wedekind
    Lynn West
    Roberta and Victor Westling
    Westminster Service Unit 1
    Marjorie and Alan White
    Ali Wilkes
    Jennifer Williams
    Maxine and Emery Wilson
    Cam Woods
    Ying Yi
    Gail York
    Virginia Yoshioka


Many Ways to Give
Cash – If you wish to make a cash gift, please mail a check or money order made payable to the Girl Scouts of Orange County.
Mail it to:
Girl Scouts of Orange County
Attn: Fund Development Department
9500 Toledo Way
Irvine, CA 92618
Credit Card – You may conveniently make a donation online with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card.