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Hoops & Coders 03/11/23

Sat Mar 11, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST
Juniors, Cadettes

*In-person Event*

The Hoops & Coders workshop is an opportunity for Girl Scouts to develop leadership skills, learn computer science basics and basketball fundamentals, meet fellow Girl Scouts, and earn the "Think Like A Programmer" badge.

Developed by Girl Scout Gabrielle DeCuir as her Gold Award project, Hoops & Coders was first a summer program that implemented the workbook curriculum Gabrielle and her partner Shrika Andhe developed. This workshop is an abbreviated version of their successful summer camp, specifically catering to the strong and like-minded local Girl Scouts.

This is a free stand-alone event aiming to empower young women to discover new things and pursue their passions. All Girl Scouts who attend will not only leave with enjoyable experiences playing basketball and developing their technology skills, but they will also gain valuable confidence to overcome challenges and grow their character.

Snacks and treats will be provided, but there will be a designated lunch time for attendees to eat their own lunches. Please wear comfortable, athletic clothing and bring water. Gabrielle and Shrika cannot wait to offer Hoops & Coders to Girl Scouts who are interested, so register now before spots run out!

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