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Equestrian Training 100222

Sun Oct 02, 3:00 PM - Sun Oct 23, 4:00 PM PDT
Ambassadors, Seniors, Volunteers, Juniors, Cadettes

Equestrian Training

This is a 4 series event starting on Sunday May 1 and every Sunday to May 22

- Girl Scout Juniors and up will gain the skills and basic knowledge of what it takes to work with horses at an active stable location. This is a great opportunity for those Girl Scouts interested in learning more about horse care and the inner workings of a stable.

This course, does not include riding of horses.

- Activities will include: Stall cleaning, stall care, water cleaning/refiling, raking and sweeping, feeding, sometimes tack cleaning, and in the final weeks, horse-handling on the ground (haltering, leading, and turning out). 

- 4 week course consisting of 1 hour weekly sessions to learn the skills needed to work and be around horses

- The first two weeks will include interaction with horses but no handling. Weeks 3 and 4 will include handling

- $150  per Girl Scout in Council

- $160 per Girl Scout Out of Council

- This event must have a Minimum of 5 Girl Scout, with a maximum of 12 Girl Scouts

For the protection of all members, GSOC follows CDC-recommended health & safety protocols, regardless of vaccine status.

This event accepts Cookie Dough, OC Bucks, and Juliette Dollars! Girls must complete online registration and pay in full.  Next fill out the Reimbursement form after you have participated in the event. 

Financial assistance will be available upon request, please complete the Financial Assistance Request form.