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Kickass Women of O.C. Magazine: 2022 Edition - Featuring Girl Advisor to the GSOC Board, Saachi Pavani

Saachi Pavani Orange Coast Magazine

Article for Orange Coast Magazine Written By: Alan Gibbons, Anastacia Grenda, Chelsea Raineri, Valerie Takahama, Theresa Walker

Photo of Saachi By: Emily J. Davis

They show off the best of Orange County, and we think you’ll be proud to count them as neighbors and friends.

Webster’s dictionary offers two definitions for kickass: 1. having a strong effect on someone or something; powerful 2. exceptionally good; spectacular, impressive. The women we’ve chosen for our second edition of this feature easily live up to both descriptions. They’re but a sampling of the leaders in our community doing amazing work in many areas. They show off the best of Orange County, and we think you’ll be proud to count them as neighbors and friends.

Saachi Pavani

Portola High senior in Irvine; adviser to Girl Scouts of Orange County Board of Directors

BONA FIDES: At 14, Pavani learned during a Laura’s House workshop for Girl Scouts that one in three women experience domestic violence. So she started a high school Domestic Violence Prevention Club as a freshman, and an Instagram page (@phsdvp) spreading awareness. A presentation by a nurse on how to prevent someone from bleeding to death led Pavani to organize Stop the Bleed trainings that have reached more than 150 youths and adults, and earned her the Girl Scouts Gold Award last year. Other volunteer work, including for Southern California Hospice Foundation, has garnered recognition. All the while, Pavani captained the girls varsity tennis team that won a Division 3 CIF title in 2019. She aims for a career in health administration, hoping to bring affordable and accessible quality care to all.

IN HER WORDS: “Realizing how little I had known about these issues led me to wonder how much did my peers know? If I’m so in the dark, how oblivious might my peers be? Just wanting to bring that kind of awareness to my school and people my age is what drew me into these issues. I want to share things with other people and be part of a community.”


Girl Scouts of Orange County

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