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Irvine Standard: “Irvine students win Congress’ top youth award” and highlights Girl Scout Eunice Lee

Irvine students win Congress’ top youth award and highlights Girl Scout Eunice Lee

The journey to finish this program was more important and fulfilling than receiving the award.

As part of the process, I founded the nonprofit organization Heads Up Buttercup and dedicated over 400 hours tutoring and mentoring students in basic life skills that schools do not teach, such as financial responsibility, how to buy and lease a car, what you need to find a place to live, and much more.

I also developed and improved various life skills through my involvement with Girl Scouts and shared my knowledge with other troop members. I learned a variety of skills, such as leadership, camping, vehicle maintenance and money management.

I would tell younger students that this program forces you to not only learn more about your community and its needs but also to learn more about yourself. I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

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Fall Recruitment 2022