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Back to School Night

Host a Table at a Fall School Event

Once you’ve been in Girl Scouts, you know the power of girls—and volunteers like yourself—working together to make a difference in their communities and our world. You understand how learning and growing together makes the experience better for everyone. Press Play on a brighter future for girls, by hosting a table at an upcoming fall school event like Back to School Night, STEM Night, or PTA Parent Meeting! 

This is an exciting opportunity to share your personal story and the impact Girl Scouts has had on you, your girls, and the local community and inspire new girls to join the fun.

How to Sign-up for a Fall School Event

Step 1: Contact your membership lead or recruitment specialist to determine available opportunities at your local school.

Step 2: Order a kit with all the resources and supplies you’ll need! Watch the videos below for some quick reminders and tips! 

Step 3: Make your Gratitude Board to display on your table. The Gratitude board will help bring families to your table so you can share information about Girl Scouts.

Gratitude Board

Step 4: Host your table. Be present and show your community what Girl Scouts is all about! Be sure to follow GSOC COVID guidelines.

Step 5: Turn in the interest cards. Turn in all interest cards to GSOC within 24 hours. You can turn in a legible scan to or the physical copies to your Recruitment Specialist.

Reminder and Tip Videos

Video 1: How to Prepare 2 minute watch

Video 2: Table Dynamics 2 minute watch

Video 3: Sales Techniques 2 minute watch

Don't Forget!

  • Turn in the fall event interest cards within 24 hours! We want to reach out and invite all the interested families to Girl Scout parties as possible.
  • Even if you don’t get names, turn in the interest cards. We want to confirm that the school event or BTSN was attended!
  • You can turn in a legible scan of the sign-in sheet to or the physical hard copy of the sign-in sheet to your Recruitment Specialist.