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Troop Anywhere

Troop Anywhere

New and current Girl Scouts, Kinder through 8th grade, are invited to join our virtual, staff-led troop: Troop Anywhere! 

Girls will have the opportunity to make friends, grow in confidence, and build skills that help them in school and beyond.

Troop Anywhere Schedule

*Meeting reminders and Zoom links are sent the week before and the day of troop meetings.
Daisies (K-1st): every other Tuesday from 4:30- 5:30pm 
Brownies (2 rd- 3rd): every other Wednesday from 4:30- 5:30pm 
Juniors and Cadettes (4th- 8th): every other Thursday from 4:30- 6pm

Weekly Meeting Schedules
Week 20: August 23 - 26    
Daisies Brownies Juniors/Cadettes 4th-8th
What Robots Do Home Scientist STEM
Week 21: October 18 - 21    
Daisies Brownies Juniors/Cadettes 4th-8th
Week 22: November 1 - 4    
Daisies Brownies Juniors/Cadettes 4th-8th
Gloria Petal - Respect Myself & Others My Best Self Life Skills
Week 23: November 15 - 18    
Daisies Brownies Juniors/Cadettes 4th-8th
Gerri Petal - Respect Authority My Best Self Life Skills
Week 24: November 29 - December 2    
Daisies Brownies Juniors/Cadettes 4th-8th
Money Counts Money Manager Entrepreneurship
Week 25: December 13 - 16    
Daisies Brownies Juniors/Cadettes 4th-8th
Money Counts Money Manager Entrepreneurship
How to join Troop Anywhere

Follow these steps below to get started!

Step 1: Visit and select Find Troops

Step 2: 
Enter Zip Code 92618 and Troop Anywhere in the Troop Option field 

Step 3: Select the virtual series option with the appropriate Girl Scout level for your girl

Step 4: Add the number of girls and adults using the + 

Step 5: Create and verify your new account

Step 6: Enter additional membership details and submit payment

Already a Girl Scout? See how to join the series here.
  • Login to your MyGS Member Profile from the top right corner of
  • Click the 'Add/Change Troops' link next to the Girl's Name, then type Troop Anywhere in the search box.
  • Check the box for the Troop Anywhere option that matches your girl's grade level, and click Next

Questions or need help registering?

Fall Recruitment 2022
Fall Recruitment 2022