Woman to Woman

Created date

January 14th 2013


I’ve had nine years of working with Girl Scout volunteers in Orange County.

I’ve watched you step off camp buses hot, tired and needing a shower. I’ve seen you ecstatic after a long day at a holiday bazaar put on by girls. I’ve seen you cry when you talked about a girl in a wheelchair who insisted on “doing her share” to carry supplies to an outing.

You put in hours and hours and hours. And when asked why, the answer is always the same, “I do it for the girls.”

We have so many wonderful volunteers in Orange County, but it’s never enough. One Service Unit this fall had more than 100 girls on its waitlist because there weren’t enough people willing to step forward to lead troops.

So I’m asking each one of you who is a volunteer to make an effort to recruit one extra volunteer to lead a Girl Scout troop.

We currently serve 23,000 girls in Orange County. If every volunteer brought in just one more volunteer, we could double that number to 46,000!

Submitted by: 

Rose Mary Mercer