Wearing a Girl Scout Uniform, Underneath It All

“I was a tomboy growing up. So when I started out as a brownie Girl Scout, I thought it was just okay. Learning how to crochet was something my grandmother did. But little did know the incredible skills I would learn in my many years in girl scouting. It was a truly rewarding experience.

I earned my Silver Award in 2002 and my Gold Award in 2005. I stayed with my old troop and volunteered to be an advancement adviser. Now I would like to get involved on a much bigger scale.

The best thing about girl scouting was camping! I remember trying to pitch a tent by myself at 8 years old, now that was an accomplishment. Also, falling into a river because I didn’t listen to my leader. I learned the hard way by leaning too far over the edge to see all the fish. I loved being an outdoor girl, and still am. But, I will admit that I’m a bit clumsy.

As silly as it might be, those are my favorite memories- falling in a river, tripping over things, scrapes that left scars to remind me of those special days. Not only was I clumsy, but very curious. I was constantly looking to discover more. Those experiences as a young Girl Scout of truly made a difference in my life.

Looking back and remembering how much I wanted to get out there and learn, gives me confidence to discover all I can in this world today. Curiosity had become my friend. It may have gotten me into some rivers, but it gotten me to where I am today. Even now, as a grown woman in the business world, I still sometimes trip times in my high heels and pencil skirt. But, at least I’m headed somewhere wearing a Girl Scout uniform underneath it all.”

- Kimberly, Girl Scout Alumnae