Ways to Promote Cookie Share at Booth Sales

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March 1st 2013


If customers don’t want cookies for themselves tell them about Cookie Share!

Explain that their $5.00 tax deductable donation helps girls earn a patch, helps Troops earn funds for activities, helps our local OC Girl Scout Council and provides a smile to a stranger in need or overseas.

Decorate and clearly label a large Cookie Share donation box or gift bag and display a sign promoting the cause so customers are encouraged to contribute.

Make cards for Cookie Share customers to sign whenever they purchase a box and give each customer a Cookie Share receipt.

Create a Cookie Share customer board – Yasmeen’s troop created an “I Cared Enough to Cookie Share” poster. They then cut out paper Trefoil shapes which they gave to each customer who bought cookie share to sign & add to poster as a visual thank you.

Girls/Troops may not have “donation” jars on the table because we have permits to sell cookies, not solicit donations.  A “Cookie Share” jar that is collecting $5 from each customer and then providing them with a Cookie Share receipt is fine.  (For safety, a Cookie Share jar should not contain cash, but a symbolic item.)  If a customer says “keep the change” girls may accept it, but they should never solicit monetary donations.