Troop Receives Unforgettable Gift from Soldier

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March 7th 2013


Back row:  Troop Top Seller Kasey Tarnow, Troop Leader Renee Tarnow.  Front Row:  Top Troop Care to Share Seller Kayleigh Cassidy and Troop Top Seller Shelby Tarnow (holding medallion) 


My troop has worked hard to sell over 6,000 boxes among 14 girls because we're on a mission to go and walk the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in May.  To reach our goal, we've had to schedule many, many booths, sometimes with very long shifts distributed between the girls with lots of parents helping.

Our area in San Clemente has a lot of military, especially Marines who live and shop in the area.  We're always asking customers to purchase "Care To Share" cookies to donate to the military.  Our troop also frequently asks military members if they've received cookies when they've been deployed.  They most often say yes and tell us what kind of box they received and how much it was appreciated as a taste of home and a demonstration of caring. 

On Saturday, we had a booth at Albertson's.  Toward the end of our booth sale, a tall, clean shaven, handsome man with short hair cut and dark glasses walked up our booth.  He silently lifted up the table cloth and pulled out a case of Peanut Butter Sandwiches and handed our girls a $100 bill.  "Keep the change," he said, and turned around and walked away.  Our girls turned to the leader and said, "What should we do?!?"  Our leader followed the guy and said, "Are you sure?" "Yes," he replied, "and are those your girls over at the other entrance?" She nodded.  He walked over to them and did precisely the same thing, causing all kinds of confusion.  Our leader followed him out in the parking and said, "I'm a little emotional because you don't know how much this helps us, thank you so much!!" "Ma'am, I appreciate what your girls are doing," the man said.  And he walked away.

The Troop Leader was standing in the parking lot, dazed, when he walked back and silently pressed a medallion into her hand.  It was a Navy SEAL Team 6  medallion.  "This is for you," he said.  He walked back to his car with three other guys ... just like him ... and drove away.

We never know who we're going to meet at cookie sales. I believe they bring out the very best...not only in our girls, but also in people. Our girls see great generosity every time they sell. 

- Donna Carter, Co-Leader of Girl Scout Junior and Cadette Troop 1510