Teaching Girls to Learn

Created date

October 8th 2012


There is a lot of talk in the education world about the importance of teaching today's children and teens how to learn.  Think about it.  Can you imagine growing up with Google?  Can you imagine not having to memorize facts because they are only a finger tip away?

Today's girls have all the information they need-and in some ways too much!  That means, more and more, our job as grown-ups is to help girls learn how to put that information together in ways that matter to them-that help them "learn by doing" as they seek new challenges and think critically (two of our leadership outcomes).  One way Girl Scouting can help girls learn to learn is through the Make Your Own Badge.  To earn this badge, a girl identifies a skill she wants to learn, plans out a way to learn it, and then executes her plan.  In other words, she is learning how to learn!  If you want to explore more about Make Your Own, check it out in The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting (for Browines-Ambassadors).  (You can also access the Make Your Own badge site through For Girls.  Once on the Make Your Own site, check out the Gallery.  It's interesting to see what girls are teaching themselves!  I found myself having to look up Xeriscaping.   How smart today's girls are!

Courtesy of GSUSA National Program Department