Learning About the Impact of Community Service

My mother was our troop leader and one of the very strong women in leadership positions that influenced me from a very early age and into adulthood. From Brownies through Girl Scouts into my early teens I was exposed to team building and mentoring by leaders at the troop level to those who served as camp counselors to camp director at Camp Merrywood each summer through the sixth grade. The campaign to sell the most cookies each year and be one of the best troops in the County gave me the opportunity to perfect my ability to approach and interact with adults of all ages in my community. It was a small town environment and those were the days it was safe for girl scouts to fan out thought all of our neighborhoods on foot to take orders and then deliver and collect the money for cookies. We never considered the idea of having an adult accompany us or setting up a table at the local grocery store. Learning to knit and sew we’re skills I learned for a badge. Most of all I believe it was during those years where my first ideas of community service and the impact women have in that arena of life were formed.

-Gail, Alumnae