How many cookies should my troop order?

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December 17th 2012



Many troops place an initial order for 80% of the cookies their troop plans to sell and then get more cookies as they need them. To help determine this amount, girls should set individual goals, and then troops should have family meetings to discuss the girl’s goals with the parents and to set troop goals. 

Troops may NOT set quotas for parents or collect payment in advance.

Troops who hve not participated in a previous Cookie Program should refer to the Cookie Program Start Up information in the Troop Plan Book for help calculating their initial order.

Remember: there are no limits (minimum or maximum) on initial orders!

When will I place my initial order?

Initial orders may be placed as soon as troops complete their training in December.  The deadline for placing your initial order is in your Troop Plan Book. Troops who place an initial order online by the deadline will be able to distribute cookies to the girls prior to the 1st day of the sale. Troops who do not place initial orders by the deadline will have to wait for the cupboards to open several days later.

Can troops get more cookies?

Yes!  The Cookie Warehouse, Cupboards and Jars will be open for troops to order and pick up more cookies. Locations will close gradually throughout the sale to consolidate inventory.