How to Avoid Delinquent Payments – Preventing Troop Debt

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February 16th 2013


  • Obtain signatures on the receipts each time cookies and/or money are exchanged.
  • Collect signed Parent Responsibility forms for every adult that will be signing for products and handling money for girls. Do not give a girl cookies until you have her signed form.
  • Remind parents that they must pay for all cookies they order and for which they sign, and that cookies cannot be returned.
  • Encourage girls to turn in Cookie Share donations to the troop upon receipt.
  • Limit the number of items given to a girl at any one time. Once she has paid for those items you can give her more cookies. We recommend that troops not give more than $500 worth of cookies (approx. 125 packages of cookies) to a girl at a time.
  • Collect payments from girls often—at each meeting if possible. Deposit all money into the troop account upon receipt and keep detailed records of deposits—including the amount deposited for each girl at each booth sale.