Healthy Living

Girl Scouts Has Always Been Green!

Camp Scherman’s pristine setting and resources inspire girls to value the beauty of our world and understand the need to protect our planet. Many of the activities at camp have always been nature-oriented, and we have enhanced our programming with a focus on the environment and sustainability. Campers are encouraged to participate in unique and innovative nature activities that will engage their imaginations and encourage them to advocate for programs to conserve our air, energy and water resources.


Our Camp Gardens 

Being green also means providing nutritious meals and snacks to help girls learn that making healthy choices improves their wellbeing. Camp Scherman’s large vegetable and herb gardens will provide fresh seasonal produce for healthy meals and yummy snacks prepared in our kitchens. Girls will visit the camp gardens and get a chance to harvest their own freshly-picked snacks and learn where their food comes from.


Be Inspired!

Green is fun for the whole family! We hope all girls and their families will get involved to make our world greener and cleaner! Visit a few sites that have inspired us:


Connect with Nature 

Children and Nature Network

Discover the Forest

Nature Rocks

American Camp Association


Healthy Living

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Sustainable Table


Saving Our Environment

Environmental Resources

Environmental Advocacy

100 Ways to Save the Earth

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Connect with Environmental Leaders

The Natural Step (Current Sustainability issues)

Energy Saving Tips

Alternative Energy Sources

Environmentally Friendly Cars

Recycling 101

Eco-Friendly Transportation and Alternative Fuels


What’s Your Green Project? 

Many girls are making an impact on the environment with “Take Action” projects. We invite you to share your project plans and photos. Send an email to