Handing out Cookies to Girls

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January 26th 2013


Sort the cookies before girls arrive.

Only hand out a few packages of cookies to your families at a time. 

Distribute product to the girls along with an order card, Success Made Simple flyer, and a money envelope.

Have parents count and sign for their product.  Use receipt booklets for all transactions.

Save original (white) copy of the signed receipts with your Troop records.

Instruct girls to begin selling and to collect money immediately.

Remind parents and girls how to use their order cards and Success Made Simple flyer.

Remind girls and parents to turn in money promptly and frequently.  Emphasize the date payments are due to troop.

It is important to track cookies and payments.  Develop a system to help you track this information or use the council’s T-2 spreadsheet

Everyone in the Troop should help sell cookies. Since the cookies were part of the Troop’s order, they are a Troop responsibility.

Troops may not require payment from parents in advance or take post-dated checks.