Giving Thanks!

Created date

November 21st 2012


Anna Maria Chávez

From our family to yours, we would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Like so many of you, we will be reflecting on how blessed we are. I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t acknowledge what a trying time it has been for so many in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The storm caused destruction and despair in communities throughout its devastating path. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with those affected by the storm. I’m especially grateful to Girl Scouts across the country who have taken action in relief efforts. Girls from Oregon to Ohio, from Bakersfield to Buffalo, have pitched in to help, collecting everything from emergency kits to coats and blankets for those organizations requesting such donations.

We were not immune to the ravages of the storm. Eight of our councils were affected, and they are still assessing the physical damage to their property as result of the storm, as well as the emotional impact on girls and their families. I’ve personally visited some of these councils over the past week, not only to see firsthand what they are going through, but also to meet with their teams and understand what they need from us. And I can tell you that the great damage and loss cannot compare to the magnitude of strength, resiliency, and leadership I have witnessed. We at Girl Scouts of the USA have lifted fundraising restrictions to enable girls and adults to raise money specifically for Girl Scouting recovery efforts in affected councils. If you would like to help in our recovery efforts, you can make a donation to our Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund, which, on a priority basis, will be used to ensure that affected councils have the resources needed for their girls to lead in their communities. To find out more, visit our Hurricane Sandy Recovery webpage, which we will continue to update with stories of how Girl Scouts are contributing to recovery efforts throughout the coming weeks.

On behalf of Girl Scouting, I want to thank everyone in our movement who has helped those in need. I have never been prouder to call myself a Girl Scout.

Wishing you a warm and safe Thanksgiving.