Get Ready for Booth Sales

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February 7th 2013


Get Ready for Booth Sales by:

  • Print and bring a copy of the Snap Booth Sale Location Report AND the Booked Booth Sale Report with you to every Booth Sale. Please Read the Notes! (More information in the Troop Plan Book)
  • Print and bring any necessary Permits with you. Permits are posted on the Volunteer Network.
  • Print and bring a copy of the Responsible Adults for Booth Sales Safety Briefing pages 1-2 (Troop retains last page with signature).
  • Responsible Adults must complete ALL steps on page 1 of the Responsible Adults for Booth Sales Safety Briefing & receive a Safety Briefing from TCM or Leader before participating in booth sales.
  • Questions?  Contact the Service Unit Booth Coordinator (info is in the Notes on the Booth Sale Location Report).  DO NOT CONTACT THE STORE MANAGER.

Read the Notes! The notes field on the SNAP Booth Sale Location Report for each booth sale location will contain very important information for each troop to know before they arrive. If a store manager has any special requests, restrictions, or if any permits are needed, this information will be recorded in the notes field. The Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator’s name and contact information is also in the notes field. If any questions or problems arise concerning a booth sale location, contact the Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator only. DO NOT CONTACT THE STORE MANAGER!

Only Responsible Adults may assist at booth sales.  Leaders or Troop Cookie Managers must ensure all adults at booth sales are registered members, cleared background screening AND trained.  New volunteers should complete the online training Volunteering for Girl Scout Series & Events (password is volunteer) before you conduct their Responsible Adult Safety Briefing about the specific booth site.