Food, Glorious Food.

Created date

December 10th 2012


Since joining the GSOC staff, I have been a strong advocate for serving nice food at council meetings and events.  There is nothing like serving thoughtfully prepared, tasty, and creatively presented fare to hungry volunteers who have rushed to the meeting from work or home and seeing their smiling faces as they sample homemade chili or lemon bars.  I especially like making food for women because they NOTICE and APPRECIATE our efforts and absorb the subliminal message that ‘we care and appreciate all you do.’


Here are a few ideas for food for the masses that you can serve at SU, team or troop meetings that’s a bit different than the usual Costco sandwich platters:

  • Salad bar – greens, including romaine, red leaf and spinach.  Add-ons:  chopped olives (black or kalamata), shredded carrots, matchstick jicama, cheese (cheddar, blue or gorgonzola), bacon/ham/turkey chunks, etc.  You can include other salads like broccoli (Costco has a great kit), pasta, fresh fruit, potato, macaroni, etc. 
  • Mashed potato bar – serve dollops of mashed potatoes in cool glasses (martini, margarita or big, clunky wine glasses) or CLEAR, disposable cups.  Add-ons:  cheeses, bacon bits, chopped green onions, sour cream, pesto, etc.  Can also use baked potatoes but not as elegant or easy to eat.
  • Make your own sushi bar – prepare sushi rice with short grain rice and powdered vinegar mix (very easy!), cut up sheets of nori (seaweed) and add ins:  matchstick cucumbers, fake Krab strips, avocado strips, matchstick carrots (boiled in water, a little sugar, salt), egg.  Contact me for more info.
  • GSLE potluck – volunteers bring dishes from various Journeys and badge activities.  Each person explains their food and the connection to our National Program Portfolio.  Bonus:  doing this may earn you points on the SU Honor Award!
  • Dessert bar – mix in homemade with store bought, but dress up the store bought:  present items with CUT EDGES (lemon bars, brownie bites) in cute cupcake papers and if ugly, like brownie bites, sift powdered sugar on top. Chocolate fondue is always elegant and easy:  melt chocolate bars and place in a mini-crock pot or fondue pot.  For individual servings, provide disposable 4 oz. soufflé cups for the melted chocolate and serve with cut up angel food cubes, strawberries, banana chunks, apple slices, GS shortbread cookies, etc.

Channel your inner Martha and have fun! 

Article submitted by BJ Watanabe, Volunteeer Specialist serving the North West Region.