Understanding the Native American

RESCHEDULED--November 9th! Badge Event at Bower's Kidseum, Santa Ana. $25 per girl

Find out about Native American life at the Kidseum in Santa Ana. A Native American speaker will educate the girls about customs and traditions of their way of life. Girls will create art inspired by local Native American art and taste some Native American delicacies. The culmination of the workshop will have the group enjoying an authentic Pow-Wow in which girls will learn Native American games, dance steps and songs.

RESCHEDULED--November 9th!


Bower's Kidseum, Santa Ana

$25 per girl

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For Brownies working on the "It's a Girl's World" Journey, this event is an excellent way to spark more interest!

For Juniors working on the "aMUSE" Journey, this event provides girls the opportunity to see what roles exist in Native American tribes!

This hands-on event allows girls to learn by doing, one of the three processes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Saturday, April 20, 2013 - 9:00am to 12:30pm
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Brownie (2-3)
Junior (4-5)