OCMA Tides of the Pacific

Sunday 8/11, 11am-4pm, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach.

A free arts celebration for families including hands-on projects, live entertainment and gallery tours. Acitivities from 11am to 4pm.

Inspired by current exhibition the California-Pacific Triennial, take a trip from coast to coast with community partner the Girl Scouts of Orange County and enjoy live music from Pacific Trio representing Hong Kong,Taiwan and Northern China.

For more info check out the flyer.

Our hands-on art projects are inspired by specific artworks on display and will include:

  • Environmental Banners: Create an Environmental Banner, which displays the importance of our great Pacific Ocean and its wildlife.  Think of an environmental cause you would like to focus on. Examples can be Clean Water for All! Save our Beach, Don’t Litter, Don’t Pollute etc.  Come up with a short slogan for your banner and write it on the using markers.  Showcase your banner or flag in a place where it is visible for people to see.
  • New Skinned Sculptures: Inspired by Lin Tianmiao’s colorful fiber covered bones installation ‘All The Same”, create your own shapes, inspired by the shapes of organic sea-life and oceanic formations by sculpting aluminum foil forms. Cover these shiny shapes with colorful tissue paper and varnish to create something as brilliant as tropical fish or a vibrant sunset.
  • Shipwrecked Mobile: Create a vessel in which you imagine traveling the Pacific by using only the materials at the table.  These sculptures will be freestanding small table sculptures.  Think about a fort structure to use as shelter on your travels!
  • Sounds Strokes: painting project inspired by Kim Beom, focus on line and color as elements of art to investigate abstract painting that conveys our mood and/or depicts seascapes from the pacific
  • A “bonus table” creating very basic musical instruments.

This event will expand girls' view of the world and provide them with an avenue to feel connected to their communities locally and globally.

Girl Scouts Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors wanted to help as art project volunteers at this event.  Orientation begins at 10 am.  Contact Lesley at lfinch@girlscoutsoc.org for details.




Sunday, August 11, 2013 - 11:00am to 4:00pm
Event Category: 
For Girls Only: 
Girl Scout Levels: 
Daisy (K-1)
Brownie (2-3)
Junior (4-5)
Cadette (6-8)
Senior (9-10)
Ambassador (11-12)