Drawing with Confidence Badge Series

Artside Studio in Fullerton, $60 per girl

Students will learn how important tones are to achieve a realistic drawing; how to shade using hatching and crosshatching techniques; the importance of layering colors; how to use different materials such as graphite, color pencil, and oil pastels.One assignment will ask students to imagine themselves in a fantastical situation, and then illustrate it as a cartoon. Students will learn to keep sketchbooks in which they can jot down creative ideas and sketch friends, family and places from life. On the final day, all students will be asked to share a finished artwork that they completed since the start of the workshop, using the techniques learned. Students will learn the value of keeping artworks safe in a portfolio, and how to confidently share their works with others. 

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - also July 17 and July 18
Time: 09:00 AM
Course Length: 2 hours every day
Experience Required: none
Class Size: up to 10
Price: $60     

For more info and to register: http://www.artsidestudio.org/workshopdetail.php?workshop=57

*Girl/ adult ratios and supervision must be provided by group leaders. This is not a drop off program.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 9:00am
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For Girls Only: 
Girl Scout Levels: 
Junior (4-5)