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Staff Directory

For all Registration questions please contact us through the Registration Help Desk.  When you submit your questions through this form it allows us to collect the information we need in order to provide you the answers and information you're looking for- in a timely manner. 

Thank you!

The Registration Staff :)


Nancy NygrenCEO(949) 461-8811
Connie RodriguezCEO Executive Administrator(949) 461-8810
Mollie HunterCOO(949) 461-8814

Camp Sales

Carrie CantorCamp Scherman Account Manager(949) 461-8800

Camp Scherman

Erin JohnsonCamp Director
Jasmine GiglioCamp Registrar- camp registration questions(949) 461-8854


Griselda MoralesAssociate Volunteer Specialist(949) 461-8912
Sandra TrujilloComadres Manager(949) 461-8903
Clara GalvezVolunteer Coordinator
Gabriela LemusVolunteer Coordinator
Rosa SanchezVolunteer Coordinator
Emilia VallesVolunteer Coordinator

Facilities & Office Services

Tom OlivasDirector of Facility Operations(949) 461-8815
Renee GreenFacilities Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8801
Ramon RosasFacilities Specialist
Ron WaltherFacilities Specialist I(949) 461-8901
Luis AvilaFacilities Specialist II(949) 461-8901
Jaime CardenasMaintenance Technician
Pedro FloresMaintenance Technician
Kayte TurnerOffice Services Manager(949) 461-8832
Clementine HernandezReceptionist(949) 461-8800
David SumlerSenior Maintenance Technician


Donna MincheffCFO(949) 461-8818
Susi GuerreroAccounting Assistant(949) 461-8893
Linda MatthiasAccounting Manager(949) 461-8830
Teresa ToomeyPayroll Coordinator/Admin. Assist.(949) 461-8829

Fund Development

Vikki SheppVP of Fund Development (949) 461-8817
Kyra PelachikDevelopment Director (949) 461-8825
Bradley WedekindDevelopment Director (949) 461-8838
Ruth HutchisonFund Development Coordinator(949) 461-8824
Virginia YoshiokaVP Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8823

Human Resources

Pat HugonVP of Human Resources(949) 461-8816
Heather OntjesHuman Resources Manager(949) 461-8822

Marketing & Communications

Julie WeeksVP of Membership and Communications(949) 461-8880
Emilie PerkinsCommunications Director(949) 461-8826
Ali SmithMarketing Director(949) 461-8889
Emma DonahueMarketing and Communications Specialist(949) 461-8874
Virginia YoshiokaVP Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8823


Nikki DutraMembership Director(949) 461-8840
Joy JadraqueMembership Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8858
Megan GuildMembership Specialist(949) 461-8868
Rebecca HarnoisMembership Specialist(949) 461-8820
Paula DahlgrenMembership Specialist(949) 461-8843
Bertha TorresMembership Specialist(949) 461-8866
Melissa WongMembership Specialist(949) 461-8852
Sara NewtonMembership Specialist (949) 461-8887

Product Sales

Ronda SussmanProduct Sales Director(949) 461-8846
Megan AndersonProduct Sales Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8848
Lisa NevaresProduct Sales Manager(949) 461-8847
Taylor JonesProduct Sales Specialist(949) 461-8849


Candice BuiProgram Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8878
Lara ChardProgram Specialist(949) 461-8857
Katie DoughertyProgram Specialist(949) 461-8860
Lesley FinchProgram Specialist(949) 461-8861
Jessica PorterProgram Specialist(949) 461-8875
Kayla ReeceProgram Specialist(949) 461-8862
Morgan WraightProgram Specialist(949) 461-8859
Shellie MassickProgram Director(949) 461-8853


Melissa ElitzakRegistration Specialist
Andy ChungRegistration Coordinator
Michael NguyenData Entry Specialist
Jasmine GiglioCamp Registration Coordinator


Laura LummerRetail Shop Manager(949) 461-8803
Evelyn SanchezAssistant Retail Manager(949) 461-8802
Marisol LaraRetail Sales Associate(949) 461-8802
Katie VillaresRetail Sales Associate(949) 461-8802

Volunteer Development

Lori CantleyVolunteer Development Specialist(949) 461-8851
Candace JosephVolunteer Development Coordinator (Temp)(949) 461-8867

Volunteer Resources

Trang TranVolunteer Resources Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8842
Lauren NakamuraVolunteer Resources Coordinator(949) 461-8841
Sarah Wagner-ThomasVolunteer Resources & Registration Manager(949) 461-8835

Volunteer Services

Christina SalcidoVolunteer Management Director(949) 461-8873
Heather MadrigalVolunteer Management Administrative Assistant(949) 461-8850
BJ WatanabeVolunteer Manager Non Troop Pathways(949) 461-8804
Darcy ReedVolunteer Specialist Manager(949) 461-8863
Jennifer GoldVolunteer Specialist(949) 461-8834
Marguerite GunnVolunteer Specialist(949) 461-8837
Karen HillVolunteer Specialist(949) 461-8856
An PhamVolunteer Specialist(949) 461-8895
Melissa RodriguezVolunteer Specialist(949) 461-8904
Ali WilkesVolunteer Specialist(949) 461-8905