Background Screening Information


Girl Scouts of Orange County conducts criminal background checks on adults in designated volunteer position.


The following volunteers are required to submit a volunteer application and background screening:

  1. Volunteers with supervisory or disciplinary responsibility over minors 

  2. Volunteers with financial supervisory responsibility

DO NOT continue with your application and screening if any of the circumstances listed below apply to you.

The following will automatically disqualify you from becoming a Girl Scout Volunteer:

  • Any felony offense, regardless of type
  • Currently arrested or warrant outstanding
  • Misdemeanor crime against a child or dependant adult
  • Misdemeanor crime involving use of weapons
  • Misdemeanor crime involving violence
  • Misdemeanor crime involving theft, robbery, fraud or forgery
  • Misdemeanor crime involving arsen
  • Misdemeanor crime involving public indecency
  • Misdemeanor crime involving DUI, DWI, possession of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia

Possible Disqualifications:

  • Other misdemeanors, as this council may determine, including but not limited to traffic violations shall be reviewed by the council on a case-by-case basis.  The decision whether to allow service shall be within the absolute discretion of the council.

For additional information, please review the Background Check Info  document or send us an email to or