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Welcome to The GSOC Brand Center, your one-stop resource for volunteer marketing and promotional materials!  This center will provide you with the necessary tools and guides to  help you with planning and promoting Girl Scout activities in Orange County and beyond--including downloadable graphics and templates, media support, suggestions on how to make custom troop products, how to build a troop website, and much more.

Eight key questions to ask yourself when creating Girl Scout products:

1. Is that the official art?
2. Can we do that to the servicemark?
3. Are we using the trefoil correctly?
4. Are we using the Girl Scout colors?
5. How are we speaking to the girls?
6. Is the servicemark where it should be?
7. Is that the Girl Scout font?
8. Is the art on brand?

For questions regarding marketing or to suggest marketing collateral, please contact


*Branding checklist and guidelines provided by GSUSA

Girl Scouts of Orange County servicemark placement, color choice, and photography all contribute to a consistent and cohesive brand voice. To inform your design decision-making process, please use the following branding checklist and guidelines prior to beginning your Girl Scout marketing collateral project(s):


The Girl Scouts of Orange County Servicemark is final and complete art. The refreshed configuration creates a feeling of leadership and forward momentum. The text portion of the Servicemark should never be separated from the Girl Scout Profiles. These elements should not be reassembled or manipulated in any way. The Servicemark does not require a registration mark (®) at this time.  Whenever possible, the Girl Scout Profiles should be kept green. If placed on a green background, the Profiles should reverse to white and all text should remain black. One-color marks are a last resort to be used only when budgets so demand.

Servicemark Shorthand

If you are designing for a Girl Scout audience (girls or volunteers), the Servicemark may be abbreviated to the initials "gs."

  • GSOC_servicemark
  • GS_shorthand

Girl Scout Profiles

The Girl Scout Profiles may be used independently of the mark; however, it is preferred that the Servicemark appear within the same space whenever possible.  Again, the Girl Scout Profiles should be kept green. If placed on a green background, the Profiles should reverse to white and all text should remain black. One-color marks are a last resort to be used only when budgets so demand.

Girl Scout Trefoils

The Girl Scout Trefoil is a playful complement to the formal Servicemark.  The Trefoil is a mark with great history. It is not to be made into a character, made to hold photography or illustration, or re-rendered in any way.

  • GS_ART_profiles2
  • GS_ART_trefoil

Girl Scout Colors

The Girl Scout identity uses three core colors: green (PMS 355), black, and white. Embrace green, a core part of our brand, and be sure to include at least a bit of green in every piece you produce.  Secondary colors have been developed and specifically assigned to each grade level. Even secondary colors, though, should be applied in combination with Girl Scout green.  If colors outside of the core and secondary palette are used in a design (e.g., to create contrast and hierarchy in a layout), Girl Scout green should always be present.

Girl Scout Grade Levels

To support tailored communications, each grade level is designed as an individual mark set in a unique color. Grade-level art is final and complete art. Relative scale and placement of art and text is not to vary.

  • GS_DAISIES_gradelevel
  • GS_BROWNIES_gradelevel
  • GS_JUNIORS_gradelevel
  • GS_CADETTES_gradelevel
  • GS_SENIORS_gradelevel
  • GS_AMBS_gradelevel

Girl Scout Leadership Experience Journey Graphics



Process for creating a patch

For all products to be sold using the GS name and branding elements or given away at fee-based events, a licensed vendor needs to be used. Our council can provide guidance to a troop, individual or outside program, approve the design and require copy of the proof and sign off with two samples of the finished patch from the patch vendor.

Regarding the design, Girl Scout green should be incorporated and Omnes needs to be used. If Omnes is unavailable Arial can be used but that’s the only alternative. The Girl Scouts name can only be written horizontally. The council lockup or servicemark should actually replace any use of “Girl Scouts.”

If the patch does not reference Girl Scouts then any vendor may be used, but the selected vendor should always provide us with an artwork proof to view prior to having the patch go into production. This proofing process will allow for confirmation that the patch subject matter, which should be discussed with a council contact prior to proof production, is reflective of the program or service being offering to the girls.

Licensed patch vendor contacts can be provided upon request to


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