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Girl Stories - Program in Action

September 2019 - Travelling with the GSOC Travel Patrol

Travelling with the GSOC Travel Patrol allows girls to explore their world and become more competent travelers. The 2019 San Francisco Travel Patrol was made up of fifth-grade Girl Scouts from across Orange County, who came together to plan and organize our 2019 San Francisco Bridging trip. As we know when girls take the lead, the possibilities are endless! 

The GSOC Travel Patrol spent eight months preparing for the trip.  They learned how to build an itinerary, pack efficiently, and schedule events. Each member had a say throughout the planning.  They developed research and collaboration skills, gained confidence and learned the tools to overcome challenges.

When the trip finally arrived, hiccups to plans did not slow these Girl Scouts down.  Each girl had learned to contribute solutions and roll with the changes.

Right away the girls experienced San Francisco’s infamous fog delays for visitors arriving by plane. The girls quickly came up with games to play while they waited.

Arriving at the hotel came with much excitement.  For some this was the first trip to a hotel and new city without the comfort of their own family.  The Travel Patrol spent the rest of Friday navigating Fisherman’s Wharf and picking up our registration packet before our afternoon reservation on Alcatraz Island.

Dinner brought the challenge of choosing a meal that fit within the budget - learning how to manage money and a budget is a key aspect to the Travel Patrol.  These adventurous Girl Scouts discovered combining finances to give them more options.

The anticipation of Saturday’s San Francisco bridging event began with tons of excitement, these Girl Scouts were ready to go!  The day began with a delicious breakfast at a boutique restaurant whose menu was filled with fancy flavor combinations and artistic plating. 

Excited to meet new friends while we waited for the shuttle to cross the Golden Gate Bridge, the girls exchanged SWAPs with the Girl Scouts around us.  Crossing the bridge was exciting but cold. Everyone had to bundle up in our 2019 Travel Patrol sweatshirts. The design was created by the girls on the trip.  At the end of the bridge, they were greeted by their sister Girl Scouts. They were congratulated by Girl Scouts Cadettes who shook their hands, gave them an official 2019 Bridging pin and directed them to the activities at Crissy Field.

Early afternoon the Travel Patrol took a walking history and food tour of San Francisco.  Who knew walking eight miles in one day would be so much fun! The Travel Patrol visited Little Italy, the front and backside of Chinatown and sweet shops.  Our day ended with a delicious family-style Chinese dinner in one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown.

Sunday morning came too fast, the girls were not ready to leave.  The Travel Patrol's trip would not have been complete without a trip to Ghiradelli. We spent the final morning discovering Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf. 

We know we are travelers not tourists.  The Travel Patrol immersed themselves into the culture, made connections with sister Girl Scouts, asked questions and explored the city with an open mind and will have a lifetime of cherishes memories.  The 2019 San Francisco Bridging trip gave us new experiences and a better understanding of opportunities available to older Girl Scouts that will shape who we become!

5th grade Girl Scout Juniors are invited to join the volunteer-led GSOC Travel Patrol as they bridge to Cadettes with more than 7,000 Girl Scout Juniors in San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge! This excellent travel opportunity is especially for Girl Scouts looking to travel outside their troop, troops who would like additional support on their first big trip, or Juliettes! This is a girl-led experience, with girls taking the lead in designing their milestone Girl Scout experience in San Francisco.

 View the Travel Patrol Flyer or contact for more information. 

We're looking forward to sharing stories of local Girl Scouts and volunteers in our Program in Action Section. Tell us what you’re up to and you might be featured! Submit your story today!