Damaged or Missing Product & Customer Returns

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February 12th 2013


Damaged or Missing Product

If you received dented, crushed, or otherwise damaged cookies or if a case or package is missing cookies, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact the nearest Cupboard or Jar Manager (not a Warehouse) to make arrangement for a replacement. If you need help contacting a Cupboard, email cookies@GirlScoutsOC.org with what you need to exchange and we will contact the cupboard to ensure they have sufficient product to facilitate the exchange.
  2. Complete a Damaged Product Report
  3. Give the damaged product (if possible) along with the completed Damaged Product Report to the Cupboard Manager when making the exchange.

Customer Returns

There may be times when a customer decides to return product. Troops should follow these steps:

  1. Accept the returned product from the customer even if you did not sell to that customer.
  2. Offer the customer an even exchange for the same or another variety of product.
  3. If the customer does not want product replaced, give the customer a refund from the troop funds. Do not give a refund without first getting the unwanted product from the customer.
  4. If a refund is issued, deduct your cost for the product (full price minus troop profit) from what the troop owes the Council, and turn in the Damaged Product Report and damaged product with your final paperwork.
  5. Complete a Damaged Product Report giving as much detail as possible. 
  6. Exchange product at a Cupboard (see steps 1-3 under Damaged Product above.)
  7. If a foreign object is found in the product, notify your Service Unit Cookie Manager as soon as possible.  The product must be picked up from the person reporting the foreign object. Fill out the Damaged Product Report immediately.

In the case of an injury, notify council staff immediately by calling Ronda Sussman at the number listed on the Damaged Product report and contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager.