Create your Troop Cookie Team now!

Created date

November 27th 2012


Now is the time to recruit your Troop Cookie Support Team to support your girls in running their Girl Scout cookie business. Volunteers should complete the online renewal (membership registration) process now, if they have not already done so. New adult volunteers will also need to fill out a Volunteer Application & complete the background screening process in order to supervise girls or handle money or product.

  • Troop Cookie Manager (Dec – Jan) Trains parents, girls, and Cookie Support team, manages the sale in the SNAP software, receives & distributes products to families, collects money & makes deposits, signs troop up for booth sales, receives & distributes recognitions to girls. Must have Excel software and be able to use spreadsheets. Trainings will be held December the first two weeks of December.
  • Initial Order Pick-Up (Jan) Picks up & signs for initial cookie order from Service Unit distributor. Must receive a Responsible Adult briefing.
  • Cookie Distributor (Jan) Assists Troop Cookie Manager to distribute cookies to parents & girls, helps keep track using receipts & T-2 spreadsheet.
  • Cookie Pick-Up (Jan - Mar) Picks up & signs for cookies from the cookie warehouse, cupboard and/or jar for Troop Cookie Manager. Must receive a Responsible Adult briefing.
  • Booth Sale Helpers (Feb - Mar) Supervises girls & money at a cookie booth sale in a retail shopping center. Must receive a Responsible Adult briefing.

For more information about these exciting volunteer opportunities, please contact your Girl Scout Troop leadership team and visit our website at