Cookies are Coming!

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January 25th 2013


About getting your Initial Order:

  • The Service Unit Cookie Manager will let you know the date and time for each troop to pick up their cookies and sales materials (order cards, money envelopes, receipt books, etc.)
  • Cookies received should exactly match the Troop Initial Order report and Dot Sheet report.
  • Carefully check and count the cookies received before signing the Dot Sheet report.  Damaged product can be replaced through a cupboard.
  • Troop is financially responsible for all cookies signed as received on the Troop Initial Order report.
  • Keep your copy of the Troop Initial Order report for your Troop records.  
  • Make sure you have enough order cards, money envelopes, etc. for each girl in your troop.
  • Take the troop’s order directly home.  Keep away from direct sun or excessive heat.
  • Cookies are insured against fire and theft through the point of delivery to the Service Units.  However, once they have been distributed to the troops, the products and related funds are the responsibility of the troop, parents, and girls.

Damaged product can be replaced at a cupboard using the Damaged Product Report.