Cookie Warehouses, Cupboards and Jars

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January 28th 2013


The only way to order additional cookies is to place a Planned Order in SNAP. Cookie Jars, Cupboards, and Warehouses will not be able to fulfill call-in, email or drive-up orders.

Do not use the Reorder feature to place a planned order in SNAP. Directions on how to place a Planned Order are in the Troop Plan Book.) Please note that email confirmations from the Cupboards and Jars may not be sent to you immediately but rather within 24-48 hours of your pickup time. Planned Orders placed with either warehouse will not receive an email confirmation.

The Planned Order function in Snap will not be available until after the Cookie Program begins.

 A list of Cookie Warehouses, Cupboards and Jars’ locations will be available on the Volunteer Network. (You must be signed in to the Volunteer Network for this link to work.)